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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Episode 68: Hey, TVOTI, Welcome To The '60s

Todd and Libby take a magical voyage back to a time when the world was filled with optimism, hope, social change, and hippies, as they return to the 1960s with NBC's new fall show The Playboy Club and ABC's new fall show Pan Am. (They like one much more than the other.) They also discuss the Emmy nominations several days late, agreeing that they're pretty good, as these things go. And in the centerpiece, the thing you came to hear, they talk about how they liked the first three episodes of the fourth season of Breaking Bad. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, they enjoyed them very much.)

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