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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Upfronts Special: ABC presents "Scenes From The Mancession"

It's day two of Todd and Libby's special upfronts coverage. They're in a better mood, mostly because the ABC trailers were shorter than the ones for Fox and NBC and, thus, they didn't have to watch as much. But that doesn't mean they won't make several controversial and idiotic assertions, based entirely on footage seen without context and cut together to appeal to advertisers! Included: Todd compares the new Tim Allen show to Modern Family (favorably!). Libby has a Feminism Moment. Both question whether teenagers in the suburbs have more or less sex. It's a glorious new day!

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