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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Episode 10: Which is better? Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Our tenth episode is live, and we're taking on the big question of our TV time: Which is better: Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Barring that, we're going to look at what's coming up insofar as summer TV, talk about the new shows on The CW and, also, talk about the season finales we didn't get to in our last show.
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TV on the Internet, Special Edition: CBS Upfront CBS (yawn) announced its fall schedule (snooze) this morning, and Todd and Libby overcome their boredom (with the help of wine!) to discuss what new shows CBS has in store and the minute ways the network has shaken up its schedule.
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TV on the Internet, Special Edition: ABC and NBC Upfronts ABC and NBC announced their schedules today, and ABC made the pickups of 11 new series official. We check out the new shows and the schedules and make fun of NBC. A lot. (Sorry for the poor quality in the ABC clips.)
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TV on the Internet, Special Edition: Fox Upfront Fox announced its fall schedule today, and there was plenty of good news (Dollhouse will be back!), plenty of bad news (so will Til Death!) and plenty of strange news (Michael Strahan is a sitcom star?). Check out our thoughts on just what Fox is up to in this special show.
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TV on the Internet, Episode 9: Season Finale Showdown Todd and Libby check in from their vacation in Vegas to look at the season and series finales that aired on TV this week, including much talk of Lost, Grey's Anatomy and The Office.
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TV on the Internet, Episode 8: Star Trekkin' with J.J. Abrams Todd and Libby take a field trip to their local theater for the new Star Trek movie and take a look at the career of its director, TV impresario J.J. Abrams. They also talk about what makes a good cliffhanger in this season finale season and count down the week's top ten episodes of TV.
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TV on the Internet, Special Edition: NBC Infronts NBC announced some of its plans for the fall today, and Todd and Libby were ON THE CASE.
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TV on the Internet, Episode 7: Pilotpalooza!, Part 2 *Glee Sound!* Todd and Nathan from TV Mad Man count down the top 15 pilot scripts of the 2009-10 development season, while Todd and Libby look at the pilot for Fox's Glee and count down their top ten episodes of the week in TV. Also, Libby makes a high-pitched squeal a lot.
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