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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Episode 21: 30 Shows in 90 Minutes (or Thereabouts) Todd and Libby are joined by Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings to talk about 30 shows that debuted, premiered or aired in the last week now that fall TV is upon us, and we finally have stuff to watch. Included in the discussion are talk of why everyone's waiting for Project Runway to be over, whether this week's Mad Men was one of the greatest television episodes of all time and just what's up with Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. (This one has a few technical problems. Our apologies.)
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TV on the Internet, Episode 20: The Only Good New Show Is a Dead New Show The Emmys happened. And Todd and Libby have things to say about them. Also, they awkwardly shoehorn Lost into the show, talk about their favorite new shows of the fall season, discuss the returns of The Office and Fringe and sock it to all of those people who were all, "Wah, wah, wah, Mad Men is boring!" And then Todd runs over Libby's foot with a lawn mower.
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TV on the Internet, Episode 19: The Emmys Can Only Disappoint You, so You Might as Well Learn That Now Erik and Ted from our Emmy nominee predictions show come back to help us predict the winners and tell Todd and Libby why there's a very real possibility that William Shatner will mess all of our dreams and hopes up (for real this time). After that, Todd and Libby take us through ten of the top TV shows from the week past in ten minutes.
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TV on the Internet, Episode 18: Top Ten Comedic Performances of the Decade (Male and Female) It's time for the long-promised follow-up to our countdown of the top 10 dramatic performances of the decade, featuring the top 10 comedic performances of the decade, including Mark Addy for Still Standing, Anthony Clark for Yes Dear and Raven for That's So Raven, but not really, actually. It features just about everyone you'd expect.
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TV on the Internet, Special Edition: Everwood (May contest winner podcast) I'll bet you thought this would never happen, huh? But here it is. Megan from Alaska has probably been just waiting with hushed breath, chewing her nails, waiting to hear what we have to say about Everwood. And here it is! We watched the famous "Episode 20" in order to talk a little more about what we liked about the WB series about a Colorado mountain town.
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