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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry happy! Todd and Libby offer a special BONUS edition of the podcast to make up for all of those weeks they missed. This one features answers to 41 questions left for them at the show's Formspring account. Many of them are now largely nonsensical, but there's some interesting discussion of serialization vs. standalone episodes, why people didn't watch Terriers, and how TV fans are impatient.

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Warning: This week's podcast sounds truly atrocious. We tried recording in a different room from the one we normally use, and this experiment resulted in our microphone being terribly confused by something and forgetting to record US. But you can make out what we're saying, and we didn't want to re-record what we think is a pretty cool hour, so here you go. We're talking about what the best comedy and drama of the first half of the season have been, with pit stops along the way to talk about the new episodes of Parks & Recreation, the Christmas episode of Community, and our favorite movies of the year. Come along and join the fun!

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Yeah, sure, it's not all THAT bad, but Todd and Libby really have less use for Halloween than most other holidays. But that's OK! They've still got an early review of AMC's The Walking Dead and a spooooooooky ghost story to tide you over. And that's not to mention their "scary story" contest, where you could win Community, season one, on DVD! Enter at

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Todd and Libby have exciting news to share! But they also have to apologize for being away yet again. They'll also talk about the end of the season of Mad Men, which new shows they're still watching, and why Terriers is so great but also kinda, sorta overrated. Join in on the fun!

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Many of the best new shows of the year are struggling in the ratings. What does it all mean? Libby and Todd are joined by Jaime Weinman of McLeans and Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings and The A.V. Club to ponder this fact. In addition, they talk about some big season premieres and join up with The A.V. Club's Steve Heisler to talk independent TV. It's a barn-burner!

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It took overcoming laryngitis and Internet lag, but Todd and Libby come at you from separate coasts this week to talk about some of the shows returning this week, including their thoughts on the season premieres of Boardwalk Empire, Chuck, Glee, Cougar Town, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, The Event, and Community.

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Todd and Libby are back with a new format, in the hopes that they can get this thing under an hour most weeks and have it up more regularly. And this one's only an hour and 12 minutes! So ... that's close, right?! Anyway, they've got some fall preview stuff for you, thoughts on Friends, thoughts on Hellcats and Nikita, and thoughts on this week's amazing Mad Men.

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On this week's TV on the Internet, Todd shares his insane theories about the final few episodes of Entourage, Todd and Libby discuss Terriers and The Shield, and everybody involved isn't sure what to make of two new Fox comedies. Meanwhile, Erik and Ted come back to talk Emmys. Won't you listen?

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TV on the Internet, Episode 43: Breaking Bad Doesn't WANT Your Emmys

Whaddaya know? It's time for the Emmys again, and that means it's time for Todd, Libby, Erik Anderson, and Big Ted to discuss who's going to win and why the tape they selected means they will. Among the topics this week: How Jane Lynch may have screwed herself out of a win with her tape selection, when, exactly, The Good Wife will take down Mad Men, and just why Jon Cryer's horrifying specter will haunt us forever. This week's music is by Carly Comando.

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TV on the Internet, Episode 42: How many other TV podcasts make Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm references?

Todd and Libby are back, and they know you've missed them. This week, they're talking about the Fox pilot LoneStar, the Newsradio episode "Complaint Box," the second season of The Wire, and a number of other topics. Also, stay tuned to find out which TV character Libby compares to Aslan!

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