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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Episode 33: Breaking Tara

This week, Todd and Libby salute the return of The United States of Tara and Breaking Bad, talk about why Jamie Oliver's visit to our shores is a good thing, discuss a bunch of women Libby hates and explain just what part of Timothy Olyphant's anatomy gets the most play in Justified.

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TV on the Internet, Episode 32: Mail call!

A couple of weeks ago, Todd and Libby asked for your questions. They recorded a whole podcast answering them, and then Todd's laptop was stolen. So, now, here they are to re-record those answers, hopefully in spiffier fashion. Also, because they are the height of timeliness, they offer their thoughts on the Big Love finale.

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TV on the Internet, Oscar Special: Movies? But we'd have to leave the house!

Todd is joined by Erik Anderson of Media Elites and the Awards Daily forums and Big Ted of For Your Speculation and Culturish to talk all things Oscar and predict the winners in all 24 categories at the big show. Doesn't sound like your thing? Tough.

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