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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Episode 37: 7 People Offer Their Thoughts on the Series Finale of The Ghost Whisperer (oh, and Lost, Too)

It's a veritable round table of Lostie goodness (though not so much The Ghost Whisperer -- sorry, Hewitt fans!), as Todd and Libby invite Media Elites' Chris Dole, The AV Club's Zack Handlen, Cultural Learnings' Myles McNutt, Antenna's Jason Mittell and the Inlander's Daniel Walters to talk about the series finale of Lost, as well as the show as a whole, which characters got satisfactory story arcs, whether answers matter at all and just what Zack thought of the series finale of the U.S. Life on Mars.

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TV on the Internet, Episode 36: Upfront Fever (Goin' Out of My Mind)

Guess what? It's time for the upfronts again, that time of year when television networks play havoc with our hearts, as they cancel all of our favorite shows and pick up even more shows we'll never care about again. Todd and Libby are here to play guide to your journey through this labyrinthine world of chaos and terror.

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TV on the Internet, Episode 35: Now you can actually hear what we're saying

Todd and Libby return from a microphone-related hiatus to greet their new microphone, which makes everything sound better but which also scares Libby something fierce. Then they talk about some TV and stuff, including Treme, Party Down, South Park, and assorted others.

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