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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.

It's Ass-Kicker Saturday, and Todd and Libby are in high spirits, as they celebrate the returns of Doctor Who and Treme. They also talk at length about Parenthood for some reason, then discuss particularly good episodes of Community and Parks & Recreation. There's also talk of Cougar Town, some X-Files rambling, Todd's discussion of his process, Libby's attempt to convince the world Libby Talk shouldn't happen, and a long, frankly embarrassing ramble about South Dakota. In the words of that irritating fairy from that one Zelda game: "Listen!"

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TV on the Internet, Episode 59: Presenting The Year's Most Hotly Anticipated Debut: The Paul Reiser Show!

It's a weirdly big week for TV, so Todd and Libby review all of the hot new series, including Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Happy Endings, and The Paul Reiser Show (which we know you've been excited for). They also answer your questions, talk about the top five male role models and the top five child performances on TV, and discuss a controversial American Idol ouster. Plus, Justified! And, OK, they talk for a half hour or so about a certain much anticipated HBO show about magic elves or whatever.

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It's a slow week in the televisual universe, which means Todd and Libby are reduced to talking about the new Christian Slater comedy Breaking In, The Borgias, Mobbed, Camelot, and the Grey's Anatomy musical. This episode also includes more than you would ever want to know about America's Next Great Restaurant, Libby's list of the five strongest female characters on current TV dramas, and the answers to five of your viewer mail questions.

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