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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Upfronts Special: The CW is a H8R

Upfronts week concludes with Todd and Libby taking on a network they don't much care about, The CW. Nonetheless, this one turns into their weirdest, most wide-ranging discussion yet. Topics include: Libby's attempts to get on the new reality show H8R, Todd's bafflement at the idea of new reality series The Frame, and Todd's attempts to explain why he doesn't much get the love for Sarah Michelle Gellar without offending anyone (and almost certainly failing).

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TV on the Internet, Upfronts Special: CBS gives McGruff the Crime Dog a gritty reboot

Todd and Libby are so tired. So very, very tired. Yet here they are, continuing on with CBS' weirdly promising fall lineup, talking of how the network might be the boldest scheduler on television and a show seemingly inspired by random news items about Marilu Henner. Also, Libby finds her multi-camera sitcom love for the year, Todd likes Jonathan Demme too much, and they both wish Michael Emerson would describe things ridiculously more often.

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TV on the Internet, Upfronts Special: ABC presents "Scenes From The Mancession"

It's day two of Todd and Libby's special upfronts coverage. They're in a better mood, mostly because the ABC trailers were shorter than the ones for Fox and NBC and, thus, they didn't have to watch as much. But that doesn't mean they won't make several controversial and idiotic assertions, based entirely on footage seen without context and cut together to appeal to advertisers! Included: Todd compares the new Tim Allen show to Modern Family (favorably!). Libby has a Feminism Moment. Both question whether teenagers in the suburbs have more or less sex. It's a glorious new day!

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TV on the Internet, Upfronts Special: Takin' Quaaludes with Fox and NBC

Welcome to Upfronts Week at TVOTI, where Todd and Libby embark on a possibly suicidal mission to cover all of the new network schedules. Today, they tackle Fox and NBC, with Libby's alters taking possession of her body, Todd singing a song he made up about dinosaurs, and the kickass tubas of Boban Markovic Orkestar. Oh, and a bunch of shows that will probably be canceled by this time next year.

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TV on the Internet, episode 62: Sexy Butt

Apologies for the length, but it's a BIG WEEK. Todd and Libby take you through upfronts and what to expect in the fall (Libby only begrudgingly), then discuss the second and third seasons of Community and Parks And Recreation respectively, complete with theorizing on how Community is like Deadwood and Parks And Recreation is like The Wire (and a special surprise comedy is like The Sopranos). Also, Todd talks about snow globes a lot. There's time for a Scrubs-themed surprise top five, answers to your questions (including the depressing realities of network economics), and Todd's impression of the lead singer from The Verve Pipe. Huzzah!

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This week, Todd and Libby accidentally let you in on what they're doing in their spare time, then take you through a host of big episodes and finales, including the second season finale of Justified, the fifth season finale of 30 Rock, the third season finale of Fringe, and the last Michael Scott episode of The Office (as well as the first episode without Michael). They also find time to discuss awesome season finales, answer your questions, and explain why titties are a sometimes yay.

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