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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.
TV on the Internet, Episode 79: Thanks-Libby!

Todd and Libby disappeared again, but they returned with a heaping cornucopia of TV they're thankful for. If you like them being angry about stuff, you probably won't like this one all that much, but at least there's a truly horrifying cold open and embarrassing personal admissions aplenty from both of them. Note: This one was recorded in a car again, so don't get all upset about it. Do you KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO RECORD IN A CAR?

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Todd and Libby rejoin you after being on the run from time-traveling mutants for the last six months, but first, Libby has to ditch her new co-host, who's not very fun to hang out with. Along the way, they'll share their theories on how this here season of Breaking Bad will shake out, discuss The Newsroom as civilly as possible, nearly come to blows over Bunheads, and talk about how nobody cares what you think about the Olympics. Well, they can't be civil about EVERYthing.

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Could it be that Todd and Libby have recorded another podcast and didn't take months to do so? Will wonders ever cease? In this episode, Todd and Libby torture their cats, leave the house to see The Hunger Games, celebrate Community's good ratings news, and answer a few of your questions. Plus, they introduce a new segment, called, "Let's Talk In Vague Generalities About The Mad Men Premiere." And then Libby is gunned down by Matt Weiner. There's only one way to express our sorrow: :(

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The only way you could get Todd and Libby to record a new podcast together was to close them inside of a moving car together, so that's exactly what they did, sending them on a weird odyssey through Arizona in the middle of the night and asking them to talk about the return of Community, this season of Archer, and the cancellation of Luck. Then, they'll answer 10 of your questions and mostly piss you off. Thank God they bought that new USB cord, eh? Note: This episode has some weird, intermittent audio issues, but they will pass within a couple of seconds if you give it a little time.

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Todd and Libby are joined by the magical, mystical David Sims and Zack Handlen to discuss the recent news that American Horror Story is going to do something new with every new season and their five favorite TV characters of 2011. Included are copious discussion about what makes Pam from Archer awesome, some thoughts on what it means to be a great character in a bad show, and Todd's proposal for a series called "Squatchin'."

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