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TV critic Todd VanDerWerff and TV watcher Libby Hill take on the week in television, classic TV and some of the biggest debates in TV past and present.

Todd and Libby are joined by The A.V. Club's Zack Handlen to discuss two wildly divergent serialized dramas, starting with the wacky majesty that is Fox's Sleepy Hollow, then pivoting to the downbeat dreariness of season three of Homeland. If only the two could be combined into one show! Also, they'll discuss how to reboot The X-Files and just why Libby's not getting enough sleep.

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Todd and Libby are joined by their ol' Breaking Bad podcastin' buddy Carrie Raisler, and they're going to dissect the finale in order of most to least disappointed. Along the way, Todd will theorize about X-Files, as he is wont to do; Libby will provoke the ire of the Internet over and over, as SHE is wont to do; and Carrie will compose a fan musical about Jesse Pinkman's arc in the last eight episodes. (Okay, she won't REALLY do that. But she should have.) With a special cameo by the Big O.

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Todd and Libby are in a car, driving across Michigan for no particular reason, so they thought it was time for another car-set podcast of variable audio quality. But it's premiere week! There's lots to discuss! And discuss Todd and Libby will, as they dig deep into the disappointing final season of Dexter, then look in on the first few episodes of New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Recreation, and a handful of others, before wrapping things up with some thoughts on new shows, including a point where the two nearly come to blows over The Millers, but not for the reason you might think.

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Todd and Libby are joined by Fan Favorite David "Fuckles" Sims to talk about Fox's new shows--Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Sleepy Hollow--as well as the return of The Mindy Project, which inspires a vintage Libby rant. Then, they'll spend a good long while discussing the last four episodes of Breaking Bad, including their general adoration of "Ozymandias" and a new section we may as well call "Seriously? Neo-Nazis?!"

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It's the latest installment in Todd and Libby's popular "car podcasts" series, this time recorded in America's scenic Pacific Northwest, while driving from Seattle to Portland. Since it's just the two of them, they decided to answer a bunch of your questions, but not without lengthy side discussions about TV's disappearing history, Animal Planet's top 20 puppies, and their vacation. Come for the answers to your questions; stay for the needless insults to your personal character.

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Todd and Libby are rejoined by fan favorite David Sims for an episode brought to you by the letters "b" and "r." First, they'll discuss how they're feeling about FX's summer drama The Bridge halfway into its run--and whether they're ever going to give much of a crap about the serial killer storyline. Then, they'll move on to British import Broadchurch, including a properly warned about spoiler section where they discuss the program's resolution for those of you who've seen the whole thing (and you know who you are). Finally, it's 20 minutes of talk about the latest Breaking Bad episode. Along the way, Todd will discuss genie slavery, Libby tries to get angry again, and David introduces us to his snake. (Not like that.)

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It's been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Todd and Libby, who were torn asunder by the Television Critics Association press tour, then both got sick, also because of the TCA press tour. But they're back, and they've seen the season premiere of Breaking Bad, and they're joined by Carrie Raisler to talk about what's up with the show, what's up with Skyler, how they hope the end plays out, and what Breaking Bad's place will be in history. Join us, won't you?

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Todd and Libby take a look at Netflix's excellent new show Orange Is The New Black in an episode that will hopefully convince you to watch the show or reflect your own thoughts on the series if you've already seen it. (Yes, there are spoilers; no, they don't matter for this show.) Also: Fan favorite David Sims (TM) drops by to talk about the Emmy nominations with our intrepid duo, then hangs around later to explain to them just who Ultron is. Also: Check out the first appearance of the Imagination Station.

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Todd and Libby are joined by Fan Favorite David Sims (TM) to discuss the wonder and joy that is season two of The Newsroom. Along the way, they'll double back to make fun of some of their favorite mockable moments in season one, offer up non-spoilery thoughts on how this season is going so far, and discuss the news that fuels The Newsroom. They'll also pay tribute to Glee's sadly departed Cory Monteith, discuss how other shows have handled actor deaths, and talk just a wee bit about the amazingness of Scandal. With a new theme song by Adam Emperor Southard!

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Todd and Libby are joined by The Huffington Post's Maureen Ryan to talk about what she's dubbed "dick-measuring TV," and the increasing lameness of the male antihero setup. They'll start out by talking about Ray Donovan, then bridge off into other topics, including how dominated discussion of television is by form instead of content, their thoughts on Orange Is The New Black and The Bridge, and the idea of B-movie TV.

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